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Meet Roger Ball...
Self-Made Billionaire Rancher & 7k Metals Co-Founder.

Roger is the wealthiest person in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He's also one of the humblest and most plain spoken people you'll ever meet. At a time in his life when most people his age are retired, Roger still wanted to help families by giving them a path to increase the value of their money through gold, silver, and collectible coins, and most importantly, at any budget.

In the video below, he talks about why he became one of 7k Metals co-founders and his vision for the company and its members. Watch the video now.


Getting Started...

Trust - It's important when choosing a company to purchase precious metals from, or when sharing a product and opportunity with someone, that you do your due diligence. We did. 7k Metals is entering its 5th year in business, serving thousands of members. We are proud of the A+ Rating 7k Metals has with the Better Business Bureau... Do as we did, and click here to see for yourself.

Everyone starts with 7k Metals as a customer (Standard or Premium membership).

1.) When you become a customer, you not only take advantage of 7k Metals' Dealer Direct prices, but you'll also receive additional membership benefits including 7k Metals Buyer Certification Training; Saving money with our 7k Advantage program (over 800,000 ways to save); Free Access to 7k's Sound Money Vault, plus more...

*Some customers become members just to take advantage of the value included with their 7k Metals membership benefits, and that's great.

2.) If you're interested in growing your income even faster, you'll want to rank advance to Associate by sharing the 7k Metals opportunity and products with others using your 7k marketing app and other company provided resources.

There's More - In addition to the income you earn in the 7k Pay Plan... You can also earn Enroller Loyalty Bonus Points, and redeem them for tangible assets (gold and silver). You can also use our team's tools & resources to share 7k and grow your income faster.

As a member of our personal 7k team, you also get:

A FREE personalized website just like this to share 7k Metals...

If you want to share 7k Metals outside of your circle of influence and grow your income faster, we give you access to 30 FREE Real Time home business leads to jump start your business...

Participate in one of our team's advertising co-ops where we do the advertising and generate 7k specific leads for you, to help you fast track your income...

Private online team support group...

Weekly team calls & presentations, plus more...

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Retire From Home - We look forward to working with you.

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