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6 Ways to Earn with LurraLife

# 1: Retail Customer Bonus
Earn 50% of the CV on all your Retail Customers’ purchases. (Also, 40% of the CV will go into the Two Team Pay plan.)

#2: Fast Start Bonus
Earn 30% of the CV on the first order of all associates that you personally enroll. (Also, 60% of the CV will go into the Two Team Pay plan.)

#3: Two Team Pay
Earn up to 10%* on the balanced Commissionable Volume (CV) of your Two Teams every week. (The volume is calculated to infinity and with no cycles.)

#4: Matching Bonuses
Earn a 50% Matching Bonus on all your personally sponsored associates AND a 10% Matching Bonus paid up to 5 generations of Two Star (or higher) Associates. (The match is based on the Two Team Pay only.)

#5: 4 Who Get 4 Car Bonus
Earn a USD $500 monthly car bonus by sponsoring 4 associates who then sponsor 4 associates (total of 20 associates) who all purchase a package.

#6: Other Awards & Bonuses
Earn fantastic prizes plus additional bonuses as you advance in the LurraLife ranks.

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