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Thrive for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, & Better Health

Watch the video below, and discover why Thrive has been such a welcome addition to many lives... Not only for those with heart disease, or who are at a high risk for heart disease... But also for those with Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, unhealthy cholesterol levels, or high blood pressure.

Thrive is an easy product to sample. Some of those sample recipients will become loyal customers and/or new affiliate team members.


THRIVE is an all-natural cardio health supplement that – as an added bonus – contains organic greens. The research-based formula contains Raw & Organic Greens, Thrive Cardio Longevity Blend, and Max Bioavailability Blend, which can deliver extraordinary health benefits, including age-proofing your heart and body.

Restores an Optimal Balance of Nutrients within the Body
Supports the Body in Reversing Insulin Resistance
Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health and Prevent Heart Disease
Naturally Aids in Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control

Give Your Body What It Needs!

Based on Nobel Prize winning research, Thrive supplies the body with two vital amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which research shows can prevent and even reverse cardiovascular impairment, as well as age-proof the cardiovascular system by naturally boosting the production of the powerful neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide in the body. One scoop of Thrive provides 5,000 mg of L-Arginine and 1,000 mg of L-Citrulline.

Thrive is also packed with nutrient-dense greens that nourish, as well as balance the body, and contain vital organic compounds that are essential for proper health, but are often depleted from our modern-day diets. Our exclusive formula uses only the highest quality raw and organic greens available anywhere in the world.

These unique, vitamin and mineral-rich greens are derived from one of only two inland sea beds on Earth, and are grown in pristine ancient volcanic soil. From time of harvest – which only takes place twice each year – the fresh plants are juiced within minutes, and immediately converted into our powerful green nutrient blend through a proprietary process.

Here are some reasons why you might consider using Thrive.

  Thrive's state-of-the-art Nitric Oxide Blend is designed to help heal and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

  If you've forgotten what it is like to experience life with healthy blood sugar levels, would you like to remember? People taking Thrive report that they have better focus and appetite control. Some people say that they "just feel happy" when they take Thrive.

  If you struggle with your weight, there is a good chance that you are insulin resistant from chronically high blood sugar. Thrive's Insulin Sensitivity Blend is a holistic approach to helping heal and reverse your body's insulin resistance.

  Also, if you just can’t seem to lose the weight, it's a pretty good indication that your body is SCREAMING for a detox. The active Chlorophyll in Thrive is a powerful detoxifier of the liver and blood.


Dr. Miller's Exclusive Detox Tea For Weight-loss

DR. MILLER’S DETOX TEA synergistic herbal blend helps bring the body back into balance so it can restore itself naturally. This unique tea is based on more than twenty-five years of research and clinical use.

Affiliates have generated Five Figure Monthly Incomes solely marketing Dr. Miller's tea to customers. It is an excellent product to sample for fast, safe weight-loss. Many people have lost 5 pounds in their first 5 days. Watch this video.


Are you ready to lose weight, increase your energy, and regain the feeling of good health?

With Dr. Miller’s Exclusive Detox Tea, you can!

LurraLife is the exclusive distributor for the ORIGINAL Dr. Miller's Holy Tea with its enhanced formula of 9 organic herbs... And yes, people are losing 5 pounds or more in just 5 days. No other company in the Home Business Industry has Dr. Miller's enhanced formula, and people are coming from everywhere to get it because they know it works. It is the best on the market.

This unique tea is based on more than twenty-five years of research and clinical use. It is made from a special blend of organic herbs and plant extracts, and is rich in antioxidants. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or caffeine.

All-natural Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea is formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, detoxify, and restore balance to the whole body. As part of a process of a nutritional cleansing, it provides the body with the nutrients it needs to get back in balance and restore itself to its natural, healthy state. Regular use of this remarkable herbal tea blend has been found to impart many health benefits, including achieving optimum health and ideal body weight, as well as better digestion, increased energy, and improved concentration.

Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea works as a natural weight-loss tea that can help you safely and rapidly shed excess pounds, and improve your overall health – much more effectively than Chinese Green Tea. Our 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea provides the perfect kick-start to any weight-loss plan. Plus, drinking 8 ounces twice daily has been shown to lead to significant weight-loss.

Shrink Your Waistline - Excess weight around the abdomen or belly can be caused from impacted waste stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine. No amount of exercise or dieting can reduce the size of your abdomen... But this tea can! If you have bloat, mid-riff bulge, or a "beer belly," then it can help you lose those unwanted pounds and lose inches around your waist.

*Don't Accept Imitations: Unlike some detox teas, our tea DOES NOT contain Cassia Angustifolia Extract, commonly referred to as senna. Senna can potentially cause some side effects including: stomach discomfort, cramps, and diarrhea. Senna can also be purchased as an over-the-counter (OTC) laxative.

Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea also serves as a gentle yet powerful general health and healing tonic for common ailments. Our 100% organic herbal tea was designed to benefit those with sensitive systems; it includes known botanicals that help soothe both the upper and lower digestive tract. In addition, it provides your body with essential enzymes, which are often destroyed by modern food processing and pasteurization techniques. Benefits may include:

  Gently cleanse and detoxify the whole body
  Reach and maintain your ideal weight
  Weight loss and reduction of the abdomen
  Restore body-balancing nutrients
  Improve digestion and bowel function
  Alleviate gastrointestinal problems
  Proper colon, liver, and kidney function
  Healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol
  Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin
  Increase energy, mental clarity, and focus
  Boost resistance against diseases


Doctor Formulated O2 Drops, With Activated, Stabilized Oxygen

If you know someone who suffers with chronic pain, dry eyes, chronic stress or anxiety, low energy or stamina, lack of mental focus, etc... Watch the video below in its entirety.

O2 Drops is an easy product to sample, particularly for those with chronic pain, dry eyes, and stress, because it works quickly. Some of those recipients will become loyal customers and/or new affiliate team members for your business. I.E. More income for you.


O2 DROPS® can make you feel more energized, focused, and healthier than you ever have. It contains a bio-available form of oxygen and essential minerals that the body needs for optimal health and functioning. The exclusive formula has been validated by over 20 independent research studies worldwide. Scientists, doctors, and people just like you report that it works.

~ Promote Fast Pain Relief
~ Boost Energy Naturally and Increase Focus
~ Strengthen Immunity and Recover Faster
~ Promote Weight Loss, Improve Sleep, and More
~ Help Relieve Headaches
~ Exert Calming Effect On Nervous System


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