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Welcome. You're visiting the personal website of Rhonda Peterson (757) 229-0913, an independent home business owner with LurraLife. If you're like many people I meet in my business... When you find an opportunity you can believe in, you're going to need help in at least two specific areas:

1.) A way to professionally and consistently share and present your products and business with others (I.E. A marketing system that doesn't require you to be a salesperson), and...

2.) A stress-free way to "find the right audience" to share your offer with (Lead Assistance).

If you're nodding your head in agreement... And you're looking for a home business where you determine your hours; if you enjoy helping others and being paid well for your efforts, please review this entire page very carefully.

The leadership of our personal LurraLife team has more than 30 years experience and success in the direst selling industry. They provide the marketing tools, lead assistance, training, and support for our team that eliminate the challenges described above. We can help you.

Do You Know Of A Home Business With A Car Bonus
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Dare To Compare...

Our 8 year old company just launched an amazing system to help ANYONE who's ready to work, qualify for a $500.00 monthly car bonus quickly.

Start making money your first week with fast start bonuses and retail profits.

Earning A $500 monthly car bonus with a team of just 20 people is unheard of in the Home Business Industry, and you can use your bonus to purchase a new car, or pay off your existing car - Your choice.

In most direct sales companies, a team of 20 does not even cover your product purchase, let alone pay you $500 monthly, plus more!

Many direct sales companies tell their new affiliates to be patient... That it can take up to 90 days or longer before your new business is in profit. We say THAT's CRAZY.

NOBODY can believe the generosity of our car bonus plan, or the value of our car bonus product packages... 3 Products that address some of the most common and serious health issues people face today - Products that are also making a welcomed difference for our customers.

*LurraLife offers several enrollment options, depending on your personal goals and your budget - All protected by a 30 day, money back guarantee. No one is left behind. See details in the What To Do Next section below.

Products That Make A Difference

If you know someone who is overweight (Dr. Miller's Detox Tea & Thrive); has high blood pressure, high blood sugar (diabetic or pre-diabetic), unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, or heart disease - clogged arteries (Thrive); severe chronic pain, frequent stress, dry eyes, weak immune system, low energy and stamina, poor mental focus (O2 Drops)... Discover our safe, all natural and organic, high impact supplements below.

Our Thrive product has been a welcomed addition to many lives. We invite you to meet a gentleman on our Customers Success Stories page below, who says Thrive saved his life. He has heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. His story is heartfelt, and his before and after lab tests show his results in undeniable detail. That's what our business is about: Helping our customers reclaim their health.

LurraLife just launched the ORIGINAL Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, and yes, people are losing 5 pounds in 5 days... No other company in the Home Business Industry has Dr. Miller's tea, and people are coming from everywhere to get it again because they know it works. It is the best on the market.

**While you're here, we encourage to visit our Customer Success Stories, and meet a young lady whose life was changed with this amazing tea. You'll understand why when you see her before and after pictures.

We also pay you per pound lost, up to $500 - with our 90 day challenge (Lose 5 pounds in 5 Days), and you know that weight-loss will be the number 1 resolution for the New Year! This is not the car bonus.

Everyone Wins!
*Affiliates have earned 5 figures monthly retailing this Dr. formulated Detox tea to consumers. One of those top affiliates is creating a training program for our team to show you exactly how she did it!

**See and hear what our customers are saying by clicking on the banner below. You'll understand why they order LurraLife products month after month, and why individuals who have never made money in a home business before, are succeeding with us.

We Help You Make $$ With Your LurraLife Business

It doesn't matter if you're new to the home business industry, or if you've tried, but have never earned an income in a home business before. Our team has the experience, the marketing tools, the lead resources, and the training to help you.

LurraLife's company owned, inbound call center will take your prospective affiliates' calls, and close your sales - Paid for by the company, NOT YOU, and you keep 100% of the profits!

You earn 50% commissions on ALL customer retail orders, every time one of your customers places an order. Your retail commissions are posted in your secured affiliate member area instantly, and paid weekly!

**This income doesn't include your $500 monthly car bonus, weekly fast start commissions, weekly team commissions, weekly matching bonuses, our regular car bonus (in addition to our new $500 monthly car bonus program!), KClub bonuses, etc..

We also have a proven customer sampling program to help you make even more sales, and build a stable, recurring income.

What we do isn't complicated. We have three high impact, in demand products, that are not only very affordable, they also help people.

LurraLife pays its independent affiliates extremely well and fast. 
We simply share LurraLife with "the right audience,"
and I'll show the most effective ways to do this.

Team Support

You'll have access to our team's turnkey marketing system that includes personalized business and product websites; follow up autoresponders with pre-written emails that are automatically sent out on your behalf; lead capture pages that convert; video tutorials to help you maximize your marketing system, plus more.

If you need help introducing new team members to LurraLife, you'll have access to any of our team's proven and responsive lead sources.

The media company we use for our business leads, generates responsive prospective members for us.

These are individuals who are genuinely looking for the right home business, and for someone who can help them. They go through a detailed, 3 step process before they become a qualified lead for you.. Our team has the training, the marketing system, and the lead sources to help them.

If you choose to, you can also participate in our team's lead advertising co-op where we do the advertising, and generate exclusive LurraLife business leads for you.

You can also participate in our team's other online advertising co-op where we can help you gather new LurraLife customers for your business.

We also have a private 24/7 online support community where members can ask questions, get help, etc..

Partner with a company that cares about the world we live in through its actions - As part of our mission to bring hope and health to others, for every product purchased, we donate a meal to Meals of Hope – one of the largest non-profit organizations dedicated to ending hunger everywhere by providing nutritious meals to families in need. Thanks to our customers and Associates, we are on our way to donating over 1 million meals annually!

You're in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

What To Do Next...

Step 1.) It's About Our Customers - Click on the banner below to see and hear what customers are saying about how our top selling "evergreen" products have impacted their health and their lives. You'll understand why they order month after month, and even recommend our products to others.

Step 2.) Our Top Selling Products - Click on the the banner directly below to watch a video on our 3 top selling products that have helped our customers enjoy the kind of results they shared in the stories directly above.

Step 3.) A Generous & Balance Pay Plan - While our new car bonus program is unmatched in the home business industry, it is only a small part of the income you can earn with us. We believe LurraLife's complete pay plan offers the perfect balance between rewarding you for building a team (leverage), and rewarding you for gathering customers (stability). Click on the banner below to open a PDF document to review our comprehensive pay plan.

Step 4.) Enrollment Options - While our personal team strongly recommends one of the 4 car bonus packs as the best value for a new affiliate, as well as the best way to earn a significant income quickly with our $500 monthly car bonus... Sometimes this option may not be feasible for a new affiliate's budget.

LurraLife understand this, and offers a variety of affiliate enrollment options, depending on your personal goals and budget. If someone is serious and ready to work, no one gets left behind. Access the banner below to review several of our enrollment options.

 Step 5.) Get back to me (Rhonda Peterson) with any questions you have. I'll show you how you too can use our team's marketing tools and lead resources, to help you earn an income from home that you and your family can depend on.

LurraLife Call Center
If you have any questions about our opportunity or our products, and you would prefer to call our LurraLife Call Center to get your questions answered, I encourage you to do so.

Dial (801) 987-9473 - You'll be asked for my Call Center PIN ID, which is: B8602

The hours are Monday - Friday, 12 Noon - 8PM EST. Closed on weekends and all major USA holidays. Once you become a new LurraLife affiliate, you'll be able to put our Call Center to work for you too... Paid for by LurraLife, NOT you!


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If you've seen enough... And you want to help others lose weight, reclaim their health, and be paid well for your efforts... Our personal LurraLife team has the marketing tools, lead assistance, training, and support to simplify and expedite your success.

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